The Manicure Company Gel Polish

100% Gel Formula

5 Free* (no harmful additives)

Cruelty Free


14 day+ wear

Soak Off Formula

150= Shades

Rich Colours 

No Shrinking


Application of Gel Polish £15.00

Includes nail prep, shape and application of your colour choice of polish which is cured under LED lights for a smooth and lasting finish


Remove and Re-Apply Gel Polish £20.00

Includes removal of your previous gel polish, buff, prep and reapplication of fresh gel polish


Removal of Gel Polish £10.00

Gentle removal of the polish plus smoothing and buffing of your nails then finished with soothing oil

Builder Base for Nail Enhancement, Repairs and Extensions

Can be used under gel polish to enhance nail strength, hide discolouration or damage, aid growth of natural nails by helping reduce chipping or breaking. Add £1 to treatment.


Nail Repair/Extension

ideal for when you have a broken or split a nail 

Splits in nails are glued and/or a tip can be applied to the broken nail to make all nails the same length, then ample layering of builder base to fix. Repaired nails can be infilled. 

Extra £2 per nail