Neat nails

Manicure and Pedicure

Sweet Feet

Why not give your nails a treat and have a Manicure


 By having a professional manicure regularly you are maintaining the overall health of your nails.


A manicure will help to improve the look of the fingernails and hands. They assist in the prevention of hang nails, nail damage and developing fragile tips, splits and cuts on the nails. It may also aid in the healing of broken skin around the fingernails and by keeping your nails at a sensible length helps avoid them slitting too far down and possibly damaging the nail bed.



Trim and Tidy Finger Nails £10.00
20 mins

In a hurry but still want your nails to look good? Then this mini manicure is what you need!
Includes nail trim, shape and cuticle care 



Spa Manicure £18.00
30 minutes

This relaxing manicure can make all the difference to the appearance of your fingers and hands
Includes, soak, exfoliation, trim/shape, cuticle work, moisturise and massage.



Luxury Manicure £22.00
45 minutes

If you feel like pampering your hands or want them to look their best for an special occasion then this is the one for you. Includes, all of above with a added rehydrating mask and indulgent massage to hands and arms.


Nail Panting extra charge


Using  2 coats of OPI Varnish, with base coat and top coat £2.00

French Manicure  - Pink with white tips £3.00

LED cured Gel Polish, using The Manicure Company products £5.00



The Manicure Company Gel Polish


Application of Gel Polish £15.00

Includes nail prep and  application of LED cured polish that gives 14+ days of wear


Remove and Re-Apply Gel Polish £20.00

Includes removal of your previous gel polish, buff, prep and reapplication of fresh gel polish 


Removal of Gel Polish £10.00

Gentle removal of the polish plus smoothing and buffing 

The Important Pedicure


There are multiple reasons to indulge yourself in a pedicure -- for beauty, for healthy feet, for relaxation, for pampering. Since our feet carry us everywhere, it's especially important to care for them.

Regular pedicures are great for the removal of dead skin and calluses. They also help prevent nail diseases and disorders like ingrown toenails.


As a trained Reflexologist I can also work specific reflex points on the feet, to improve circulation and lymph flow, cleanse the body of impurities and revitalises energy, which will encourage the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance.




Trim and Tidy Toes £10.00


20 mins

neaten up those toes with this quick fix treatment.

Includes, nail trim, file and cuticle care



 Spa Pedicure £18.00

45 minutes

Relax and revive tired feet with this wonderful pedicure.

Includes, soak, exfoliation, hard skin removal, trim/shape, cuticle work, moisturise and massage.


Luxury Pedicure £22.00

1 hour

A total treat for your feet, recomended for those that need that little extra care.  Includes, as above with a added softening mask and indulgent massage to feet and lower legs.



Extra Charge for Toenail Painting 

Base coat , 2 coats nail varnish and top coat £2.00

French effect £3.00




French Polish fingers and toes