PhD Safewax

This unique tube and applicator waxing system is the safest way to wax in the world.


The name stands for Professional, Hygienic and Disposable so no danger of cross contamination or infection.


Pre-sealed applicator heads are used for each client and disposed of after each waxing treatment.


Top quality honey wax spreads thinly to give perfect results and less pain!


With my competitive prices isn't it about time you switched to PhD????


Share your secret not your wax

Waxing PhD

Professional Hygenic Disposable


Facial Waxing

Eyebrows                         £10.00

Lip/Chin/Cheeks             £10.00

Lip and Chin                    £14.00 

Brow, Lip and Chin         £16.00

Full Face                           £18.00